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  • £ 1.04 In Stock
    • Extremely durable & hardwearing
    • Water & dirt resistant
    • Resistant to common spillages
    • Easy to clean & maintain

    Osmo Polyx Oils 3011│3032│3062│3065 have been developed from natural oils and waxes to give a durable and hardwearing finish that enhances the appearance of wooden flooring and furniture. The finish not only nourishes the wood but also helps to bring out the wood's grain and natural characteristics.

    From £ 1.04 inc VAT
  • £ 8.98 In Stock
    • Slip Resistant
    • Durable & Hardwearing
    • Water & Dirt Resistant
    • Easy to Apply & Maintain

    Osmo Polyx Oil 3088 and 3089 Anti-Slip versions have all the same properties as standard Osmo Polyx Oil so are resistant to water and dirt and very durable. These versions however are also slip resistant to the German R9 and R11 slip resistant classification respectively.

    From £ 8.98 inc VAT
  • £ 26.68 In Stock
    • Fast drying
    • All the advantages of Original
    • Two coats in 1 day
    • Easy to apply

    From £ 26.68 inc VAT
  • £ 13.95 In Stock
    • Easy to Apply from the Tin
    • Huge Savings against Tradesmen
    • Lasts in Excess of 10 years
    • Instant Repairs for Leaks

    Roofix 20/10 (Multisurface) provides an instant waterproofing solution for roofs and guttering, with built in draylon fibres Roofix is ideal for anything from a leaking gutter to a large flat roof.

    From £ 13.95 inc VAT
  • £ 1.04 In Stock
    • Extremely weather & UV resistant
    • Good water & dirt resistance
    • Reduces swelling & shrinkage
    • Easy to maintain & apply

    From £ 1.04 inc VAT
  • £ 16.33 In Stock
    • Water based wood treatment
    • Protects against rot/fungus
    • No solvents & heavy metals
    • Flame retardant to EN13501-1

    From £ 16.33 inc VAT
  • £ 16.33 In Stock
    • Water based treatment
    • Repels water, dirt & mould
    • Solvent Free
    • Reduces shrinkage

    From £ 16.33 inc VAT
  • £ 15.86 In Stock
    • Water Based wood cleaner
    • Maintains & improves protection
    • Eco friendly
    • Replenishes surface

    £ 15.86 inc VAT

Welcome to New Venture Products, the home for Safety, Security and Protective Coatings

New Venture Products specialise in offering paints and coatings designed to enhance safety, security or protection. Included in our range are a large selection of anti slip paints designed to cover a large range of substrates with many different finishes. Our premium anti-slip product is Protectakote - an advanced Polyurethane anti-slip paint that lasts - the easy way to protect and improve safety.

We also offer the amazing roof repair product Roofix 20/10, Osmo wood oils and stains and our own range of anti climb and two pack epoxy floor paints. If you are unsure what is the best product for you use the links below or phone us on 0345 430 4030 (+44 (0)1235 427000).

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