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Tough UV Resistant Coating Easy Maintain Anti-Slip Finish Ideal for All Walking Surfaces Low Profile Anti Slip Finish
£39.95 Inc VAT
£33.29 (tax excl.)
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High Profile Anti Slip Coating Tough and UV Resistant Ideal for All Walking Surfaces Suitable for Long Outdoor Use
£34.95 Inc VAT
£29.12 (tax excl.)
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Extremely weather & UV resistant Good water & dirt resistance Reduces swelling & shrinkage Easy to maintain & apply
£1.37 Inc VAT
£1.14 (tax excl.)

Welcome to New Venture Products, the home for Safety, Security and Protective Coatings

New Venture Products Ltd specialise in offering paints and coatings designed to enhance safety, security or protection. Included in our range are a large selection of anti slip paints designed to cover a large range of substrates with many different finishes. Our premium anti-slip paint product is Protectakote UVR - an advanced Polyurethane anti-slip paint that uses rubber granules to give a tough, long lasting and non abrasive anti-slip finish and its sister product Safekote Marine which uses uniform sized silica spheres to give a very effective yet easy to clean finish.

We are also an Osmo and Fiddes distributor of specialist wood oils and stains designed to enhance, improve and protect timber. Products include Osmo Polyx oil, the original hardwax oil, the market leading Osmo 420 clear UV protection oil and Fiddes Hard Wax Oil.

New Venture Products are also the largest distributor in the UK for the large range of specialist paints and coatings from Flag Paints. These include the popular roof repair product Roofix 20/10, the Flag range of marine paints including anti foulingyacht varnish and bilge paints, industrial coatings such as Chlorinated Rubber and Heavy Duty anti slip floor paint. We also stock a range our own own brand products including a large range of Anti Climb Paints and associated anti climb warning signs and a range of water based two pack epoxy floor paints. If you are unsure what is the best product for you use the links below or phone us on 0345 430 4030 (+44 (0)1235 427000).

New Venture Products - Tips on achieving your desired wood colour
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