Anti Climb Paint (Anti-Vandal Paint)

Anti climb security paint also known as anti-intruder or anti-vandal paint is probably the most economic, effective and long lasting way of deterring unwanted intruders. NVP anti climb paint is available in a range of sizes and colours to suit most needs.

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£ 9.95 inc VAT

£ 8.29 (VAT excl.)

  • Dark Green
  • Anti Climb White
*All Colours are a representation and may differ from the actual colour once applied.

Volume discounts

VariationQuantityPriceYou Save
4 or more £ 9.45 £ 1.99
8 or more £ 8.95 £ 7.96

New Venture Product's Anti Climb Security Paint is available in Black, Grey, Green, Red and White, it is an easy to apply high quality anti climb paint (anti-vandal or anti intruder) designed to economically deter intruders, it never dries*, which makes it very difficult to climb on and it is very difficult to remove from clothing. Anti Climb paint is one of the most economic and effective ways of deterring intruders and is frequently recommended by Police crime prevention officers.
*On porous coatings 2-3 coats may be required to maintain film thickness. Durability is dependent upon several factors including film thickness and temperature.

Anti Climb Paint adheres well to most building materials and is ideal for factory sites, sports roofs, schools, private properties, garden sheds, church roofs, sports clubs etc.

Area of use:
Exterior only

Substrates include: concrete, stone, brick, wood, asbestos and metal (including lead)

Technical Information:
**Colours: Black, Grey, Green, Red* & White
Sizes: 1 litre, 2.5 litres, 5 litres & 20 litres (4 x 5)

Finish: Semi gloss
Appearance: Glossy Gel
Volume solids: 46%
Specific Gravity: 1.1

Method of Application:
Stiff Brush, Trowel or by hand wearing protective gloves

The practical spreading rate for anti climb paint 1m² per litre for maximum effectiveness, coverage can be extended to 2-3 m² per litre but this will reduce its longevity (Coverage is dependent upon the porosity and roughness of the substrate. Porous surfaces may require more than one coat to be applied)

Only use anti climb paint where legitimate or normal access is not permitted. We strongly recommend that a clear warning notice is displayed. Available here from New Venture Products.
We recommend that it is applied at least 2 metres above ground or normal access level.
Contact with anti-climb paint may damage clothing.
We do not recommend using anti climb paint with wild animals or pets

**Please note the colours displayed on a screen or printed out can only ever be a guide to the actual colour as screen and printer settings always vary. Please note that the nature of the product is such that the white will not be a bright decorative white and when applied next to bright white surfaces may appear more creamy in colour.

  • Area of Use Exterior only.

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