Water Based Anti-Slip Floor Paint

Tough & easy to use water based anti slip floor paint.

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*All Colours are a representation and may differ from the actual colour once applied.

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Please note that these figures are only intended as a guide and that coverage can vary depending on the porosity and finish of the substrate. Unless refreshing an existing coating we always recommend applying two coats.

Please note, as with all water based acrylic floor paints the minimum application temperature for this product is 10°C. For this reason we do NOT recommend using it in unheated buildings or externally between October and March.

This water based acrylic floor paint is a tough, anti-slip, flexible, water-based, environmentally friendly and low odour coating designed to seal, colour and protect internal and external concrete, wooden and stone floors. This makes it ideal for garage floors but also for any other  area that needs a tough low odour anti slip finish. It also contains finely ground Dolomite to give a hard wearing and anti-slip finish.

Its main advantage over conventional floor paints is that it is water based so that it is environmentaly friendly and very low odour. Traditionaly water based floor paints have never been able to get close to their solvent based cousins for toughness but this product offers one of the toughest acrylic finishes available on the market today.

This paint is easy to use and can often be used as a one coat product, on absorbent surfaces such as bare concrete we recommend two coats, diluting the first coat by 10% with clean water. It is one of the toughest water based acrylic paints available and is oil and petrol resistant. Please note the adhesion to the concrete will largey depend on the condition of the concrete and any laitance layer or dust will have to be removed before use.

Key points include:

  • Water based, quick drying and low odour
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Designed for concrete, stone & timber floors
  • Excellent adhesion & flexibility
  • Anti-slip but still easy to clean
  • Easy to apply
  • Industrial strength and long lasting
  • Classic low sheen finish that covers surface imperfections
  • Coverage approx 9 -10 sq metres per litre per coat
  • Dry to touch 2- 4 hours (depending on temperature)
  • Do not apply below 10°C 
  • Exceptional value for money
  • Easy to apply with standard short/medium pile rollers or by brush.

Warning. Because of possible compatability issues we do not recommend this product for over coating existing painted finishes including sealants and curing membranes. Water based paints should not be used in temperatures below 10°C, if you wish to paint a garage floor during the winter months or overcoat an existing painted floor (not epoxy) we recommend the anti-slip Polyurethane floor paint or our Heavy Duty Floor Paint instead. Do NOT apply to concrete until it is fully cured, this will take a minimum of 10 - 12 weeks depending on the depth of the slab, if in doubt always apply a test patch first.

*Please note that the BS 4800 codes and samples shown are intended only as an approximate guide. Colours will vary depending on the settings of your monitor and the light that you view it in. The BS 4800 codes are the nearest colour references available but are not necessarily an exact match.

  • Thinners Water
  • Area of Use Interior or Exterior
  • Anti-Slip Yes

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