Acid Etch Solution 5 Litre




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The Acid Etch Solution is a blended pre-treatement for power floated or smooth concrete floors. When applied the Acid Etch Solution opens up pores of the concrete and opens it up to better accept the next treatment which allows very effective adhesion. Do NOT use with self levelling latex or sand and cement screeds.
Generaly Latex screeds should NOT be sealed or painted as they are designed for floor coverings such as tiles, wooden floors or carpets.

Size of Container:
5 Litres

Area of use:
Interior or exterior.

The theoretical coverage is approximately 20m² per litre but we suggest that you allow 7 - 10m² per litre in normal use.

Power floated and some other concrete floors have a smooth finish that prevents paints from getting good adhesion. Flag's water based acid etch solution will react with the surface of the concrete to give a fine texture to the finish and significantly improve adhesion.

The acid etch should be left on the concrete until any fizzing stops and then thoroughly rinsed with clean water to remove any trace. The surface should then be allowed to dry thoroughly before and coating is applied.

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