Flag Cruising Antifouling Paint 2.5 Litres

Flag Paints Cruising Antifouling paint is a copper based product free from biocides. It is an economical self eroding antifouling with proven performance within a wide variety of UK conditions. Suitable for general sailing and displacement craft for speeds up to 8 knots.

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  • Dark Blue
  • Light Blue
  • Red
  • Steel White
  • Black
*All Colours are a representation and may differ from the actual colour once applied.

Flag Paints Cruising Antifouling is a self eroding antifouling suitable for craft up to 8 knots in low fouling areas, fresh water or bilge keelers on drying moorings. It is free of booster biocides to minimise the environmental impact.

This product is self-priming when topping up existing (similar copper based) antifoulings otherwise Flag Multi Purpose Metallic Primer is required. It is a two coat application with an extra coat recommended for around the waterline and the leading and trailing edges.

Area of use:

Boat Hulls

Suitable Substrates:
GRP, wood, steel and ferro cement. Nb. Not suitable for aluminium or galvanised surfaces

Tin Size:

2.5 Litres


Dark Blue
Light Blue
Steel White
*Please note the colours shown are only intended as an approximate guide, colours will vary in appearance depending on the screen or printer being used. Due to the active ingredients used the coatings might appear darker than expected but will lighten slightly on immersion.




Approximately 10m² per litre

Volume Solids:


Please Note:

  • Preparation is extremely important
  • Antifoulings change colour after immersion, generally turning a little lighter after 2 weeks as the copper activates and begins to oxidise.
  • Do NOT use copper based antifoulings on aluminium or galvanised metals.
  • Iron keels should be ground and brushed until bright, any rust should be treated with Omnicote and then primed with Flag Multi Purpose Metallic Primer.

For more information please see the product information sheet and MSDS. All orders are sent out with a detailed product information sheet.

Tips when applying Anti Fouling:

  • Always wear recommended PPE when using and applying Anti Fouling
  • Store antifouling at room temperature for at least 24 hours before use
  • Read and understand the instructions and labelling before use
  • Follow health and safety guidelines at all times
  • Only apply in a safe and secure location
  • Do not dry sand
  • Carefully scrub the waterline thoroughly before application
  • Always protect external fittings
  • Take care to dispose of waste carefully, following guidelines
  • Wash off spills asap using soap & water or appropiate wipes, do not use solvent to clean skin