Caravan Care: How to Fix a Cracked Shower Tray


A cracked shower tray can cause trouble for a caravan owner. If left untreated, a small crack can develop into a gaping hole over time, causing leaks and presenting a risk for bare feet in the shower. For this reason, it’s crucial to act fast if you notice a crack in your caravan’s shower tray.

Fixing a cracked shower basin doesn’t need to be an expensive repair job. Before you think about calling out a handyman or replacing the unit outright, have a read of our DIY guide on how to fix the shower tray yourself. Please note that Protectakote will adhere to acrylic and most other plastics but will not adhere to Polypropylene or Polyethylene. We recommend using Protectakote WB when overpainting but please note that because it is water based it needs a minimum application temperature of 10°C.

Seal the Crack

If the crack in your shower basin has created an uneven surface or a hole where water can leak, it’s crucial to repair the area properly to prevent further damage. This can be done with a plastic repair kit such as Plast-aid, to fill in the gaps and smooth over the surface.

For surface cracks and hair line cracks, you may be able to get away with skipping this stage. However, carefully assess the damage to your shower tray before making a decision, to ensure that you get the job right first time.


Prepare the Surface

Once you’ve allowed any plastic sealant to set and dry completely, lightly abrade the shower tray to remove the gloss finish and create a key for painting. A new coat of paint will remove any traces of the plastic sealant; for surface cracks, several layers of polyurethane paint should be enough to strengthen and protect the tray.

To ensure the surface is free from dust and dirt before painting, clean thoroughly with a household detergent such as CIF cream cleaner, before thoroughly rinsing and allowing to dry completely. Then, apply masking tape to the edges of your shower basin, to ensure a neat, clean finish to your paintwork.


Apply the Paint

Choose smooth or textured anti-slip Protectakote WB (recommended)  paint in a suitable colour to coat your shower basin, to give it a fresh and attractive look. Reinforced with rubber granules to ensure a non-slip finish and durable design, UVR paint will stand up to wear and tear for years to come. Use a textured roller when applying the textured version to ensure an even finish

Wearing nitrile gloves, use a mixer to stir your Protectakote thoroughly, before pouring into a roller tray. Use an appropriate roller (textured unless using smooth Protectakote) or paint brush to carefully apply the paint in one direction, taking care to ensure a thick, even coating on the basin.

Leave to dry until it is tack free to the touch. When the surface is completely dry, apply a second layer, and if necessary a third depending on how much wear your shower tray usually receives. The brush or roller can, if careful, be kept usable sealed in a plastic bag between coats but we would recommend purchasing a second refill for the second coat.

When a crack appears in your caravan shower tray, don’t panic. Before you call your insurance or consider replacing the unit, assess the damage to see if it’s possible to repair it yourself. Follow these instructions to achieve a lasting fix with good-as-new results, and you’ll save yourself a lot of expense when caring for your caravan.

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