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Osmo FAQs

Can I use washing up liquid to clean surfaces treated with Osmo Polyx Oil or Top Oil?

No, washing up liquid will strip off and damage Osmo Polyx oil and Osmo Top Oil, we recommend using Osmo Wash and Care, The Osmo Spray cleaner or Osmo Interior Spray Cleaner which not only clean but also help to maintain the finish.

Can I use a steam cleaner to clean my wooden floor that is coated with Osmo Polyx Oil?

No, the heat from the steam cleaner will damage the Polyx Oil.

What is the easiest way to clean and maintain my Polyx Oil Treated floor?

We recommend using Osmo Wash and Care for routine maintenance either with the Osmo Floor Cleaning Kit ( a telescopic handle will also be required) or the new Osmo Spray Mop system.

What happens if I apply Osmo UV Protection Oils at below 5°C or the temperature drops below 5°C shortly after I apply it?

Like all oils and waxes Osmo oils will thicken at low temperatures so will not be absorbed in to the wood, the white spirit will then evaporate off and you will be left with a sticky coating on the surface of the wood. We recommend where possible not applying Osmo wood oils below 10°C or when the temperature will fall below 5°C within 8 hours of application. It is always a good idea to store your Osmo products at room temperature for at least 24°C hours before use.

What is the difference between Osmo UV Protection Oil 410 and UV Protection Oil Extra 420?

These products are basically the same clear product but the 420 Extra contains a biocide to help protect against algae, mildew and fungal attack.