Osmo UK Post Fix
  • Osmo UK Post Fix
  • Osmo UK Post Fix
  • Osmo UK Post Fix
  • Prepare the mixture by mixing part A and Part B of Osmo UK Post Fix
  • Shake Osmo UK Post Fix mixture for 20 seconds
  • Pour the solution in to the hole with the post firmly in place.
  • Watch the Post Fix expand, keeping the post secure
  • Cut away any excess Osmo Post Fix
  • Cover with sand




£9.83 Inc VAT

£8.19 Excl VAT




OsmoUK Post Fix is a strong, easy to use and quick setting solution that allows a post to be fixed in position quickly and securely. It is a fast setting two component Polyurethane foam designed specifically for the supporting and back-filling of wooden, PVC, steel and many other types of in-ground posts. The pre measured components make it simple and easy to apply by simply combining the two components as instructed.

Features and Benefits:
  • Easy to use - Lightweight and easy to use with no water or messy mixing required.
  • Quickly sets and fast to apply - sets in 3 - 5 minutes
  • High strength and resists impacts and shocks
  • Adheres well to wood, vinyl, and metal posts as well as to the ground better than concrete
  • Can be used all year round
  • Strong, easy and fast alternative to concrete
Typical Applications:
  • Fence posts
  • Garden features and lighting
  • Post Boxes
  • Signs
  • Washing lines
  • Sports posts
We recommend Osmo UK Post Fix for light to medium applications. The solution when mixed will fill a void of up to 10 litres in volume.

Installation Guide:
  1. Dig a hole, carefully following the recommended guidelines. The hole should be no more than twice the width of the post.
  2. Ensure there is no standing water in the hole.
  3. Place the post in the hole and securely fix in place
  4. Prepare the mixture by pouring the contents of the small bottle in to the larger bottle
  5. Shake the bottle of Osmo UK Postfix for 20 seconds exactly - do NOT allow the expansion to start in the bottle
  6. Pour the solution in to the hole whilst ensuring the post remains in position
  7. Watch the solution expand in the hole whilst again ensuring the post stays in position
  8. Once the solution has expanded cut away any excess foam
  9. Cover with sand.

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