Osmo 620 Stone and Terracotta Exterior Oil

Osmo 620 Stone and Terracotta exterior oil has been formulated using natural plant oils and water repellent additives to penetrate the surface of porous substrates such as natural stone, enhancing the colour and providing a water resistant finish that protects against staining, dirt and abrasion.

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1 coat(s):

Coverage can vary significantly depending on the finish and type of substrate.

Osmo 620 Clear Satin Stone and Terracotta oil exterior oil is designed to penetrate microporous stone and terracotta surfaces to create a water, dirt and stain resistant surface without creating a surface film. It uses a unique combination of natural oils and water resistant additives to create a clear satin finish. Please note that as with all applications of oils, it will enhance the natural colour of the substrate creating an appearance similar to when the substrate is wet, it is therefore necessary to always do a test application on a small inconspicuous area to make sure you are happy with the appearance and finish before making the main application. The natural oils in Osmo 620 might appear slightly yellow when applied to white or pale coloured substrates so again always carry out a test first.

Recommended Areas of Use:

Osmo Stone and Terracotta oil is suitable for porous exterior finishes such as exterior stone, terracotta, patios and paved areas, it can be used on both natural and artificial finishes providing they are porous and can absorb the oil. A trial application is absolutely essential as not only might it change the appearance but it might also affect the slip resistance of the original surface. Osmo Stone and Terracotta oil is not suitable for non absorbant surfaces such as glass, glazed tiles, ceramic or highly polished finishes.


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