Osmo Anti Bac Wood Cleaner (8036)

Osmo Anti Bac Wood Cleaner is designed to kill bacteria and viruses, including Covid 19 without damaging and whilst still nourishing surfaces treated with natural oil or hardwax oils. This easy to use spray is just spray on and wipe clean and is available as both a easy to use spray bottle and 5 litre refill bottle.

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Surface Preparation:

Simply spray on and use, do not thin.

Method of Application:

Just turn the spray nozzle to open and lightly spray on to the surface, wipe clean with a lint free cloth. Only ever damp apply, for larger areas such as flooring the 5 litre solution can be used with the Osmo spray mop.

Key Features & Recommendations:

  1. Osmo Anti Bac Wood Cleaner Kills bacteria and viruses, including Covid-19.
  2. It is suitable for oiled and sealed wood surfaces, wooden surfaces treated with Osmo products as well as other water resistant surfaces such as worktops, flooring, furniture etc.
  3. Only ever lightly apply, it should be applied so the surface is damp but not wet to avoid causing any damage to the surface or substrate.
  4. Helps to maintain the finish and condition of surfaces treated with hard wax oils such as Osmo Top oil and Polyx oils.
  5. Multi purpose cleaners and washing up liquids contain strong detergents and sometimes bleach both of which will damage treated surfaces and therefore are not recommended.
  6. Contains soaps based on natural oils to gently clean and prevent the wood from drying out.
  7. The water soluble natural oils are designed to prevent streaks and do not form a layer on the surface.
  8. Osmo Anti bac wood Cleaner is mild on the skin, free of dyes and aromas, is biodegradable and free of solvents and VOCs to ensure surfaces remain food safe.
  9. Food preparation areas should be wiped clean with clean water after application and allowed to dry before use.
Please also see Osmo Interior Spray Cleaner 500ml (8026).
  • Suitable for Worktops & Tables Yes
  • Suitable for Doors Yes
  • Suitable for Floors Yes
  • Suitable for Furniture Yes


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