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Osmo Exterior Gap Sealer 310ml

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£ 2.08 (VAT excl.)

  • White - 9010
  • Pine/Spruce - 1001
  • Light Oak - 1002
  • Medium Oak - 8001
  • Redwood - 8012
  • Dark Brown - 8016
  • Clear/Translucent - 0000
*All Colours are a representation and may differ from the actual colour once applied.

SPECIAL OFFER - Whilst stocks last we have a batch made with the incorrect use by date. The tubes have a predicted life of years which means they should be usable until mid 2019.

The Osmo Exterior Gap Sealer is a part acrylic siliconized exterior sealant which can be used for filling, fixing and repairing all manner of splits and gaps. It also can be used for sealing and filling cracks, seams and connection joints that have a maximum 7.5% joint movement. This sealer can be used on both finished and unfinished wood, PVC, aluminium frames and joinery and is compatible with all Osmo finishes.

Key information: 

  • Application temperature between +5°C to 40°C. 
  • Drying time: 1 hr
  • Volume: 310ml

Key benefits:

  • Very easy application.
  • Can be treated with Osmo wood finishes after 1 hr.
  • Can be sanded after curing, usually 24 hrs.
  • Permeant water repellent after curing.
  • Resistant to air conditions because it stays elastic.
  • Resistant to rain.
  • Excellent adhesion to damp and absorbent substrates.
  • Frost resistant during transport down to -5 °C.
  • Solvent free.
  • UV resistant. 

* Please note that the colours displayed are only a guide as the appearance will vary on different screens and printers.
  • Area of Use Exterior only.

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