Duratop Universal Epoxy Primer

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Duratop Universal Epoxy Primer is a solvent based multi-purpose two part component epoxy primer.

It helps to provide a sealed, consolidated and strengthened surface in porous substrates while providing the moisture barrier required by urethanes along with improved adhesion. Duratop is recommended for use with Protectakote, Protectakote UVR and Safekote. It is also recommended for use with ferrous metals where it improves adhesion and reduces sub-film corrosion.

  • Good resistance to water.
  • Clear/transparent.
  • Excellent workability 
  • High temperature resistance - can withstand up to 95° C when dry.
  • Good resistance to a wide variety of acids, alkalis, alcohols and solvents.
  • 6 - 7m² per litre for recommended single coat application
  • Typically 4 - 6m² for porous substrates
  • Pot Life typically 4 hours
  • Steel, galvanised and aluminium
  • Concrete
  • Wood & Other Porous Substrates
Please see the product information sheet for more detailed preparation.

Apply with brush or short hair roller


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