500 gram Anti Slip Additive for Epoxy Floor Paint



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This graded crushed dolomite is for giving an anti slip finish to NVP's two part epoxy floor paint. The recommended quantity is 500 grams for 2.5 litres and 1 kilo for a 5 litre tin.

The additive is very simple to use, before applying the second coat mix the additive thoroughly with the floor paint, idealy using a paddle mixer on a drill to get an even distribution of the granules. The paint should be continued to be stirred at regular intervals when being applied to ensure an even distribution. Apply using a standard short pile or mohair roller.

NVP's two part epoxy floor paint has been independently tested when mixed with the anti-slip additive and gives a SRV of 67 in the dry and 61 in the wet. Using the UK slip resistance group guidelines these give an extremely low potential for slip in the dry and a low potential in the wet. Please note however there are many variables involved in the slip resistance of a surface so these can only ever be used as a guide.

If you are looking for an economic alternative where the anti slip additive is pre mixed take a look at our Heavy Duty Anti Slip Floor Paint.

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