Anti Slip Additive for Epoxy Floor Paint

£ 5.95 inc VAT

£ 4.96 (VAT excl.)

This tub is designed to be mixed with 5 litres per kilo of NVP's two part epoxy floor paint. Before applying the second coat mix the additive with the floor paint to give an anti slip finish. The additive should be stirred thoroughly and applied with a standard short pile or mohair roller.

NVP's two part epoxy floor paint has been independently tested when mixed with the anti-slip additive and gives a SRV of 67 in the dry and 61 in the wet. Using the UK slip resistance group guidelines these give an extremely low potential for slip in the dry and a low potential in the wet. Please note however there are many variables involved in the slip resistance of a surface so these can only ever be used as a guide.

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