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Universal Water Based Epoxy Coating

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New Venture Product's Universal Water Based Epoxy Coating is a simple to use water based epoxy coating that is suitable for most applications where concrete or masonry require waterproofing or a protective coating. It is easy to apply and no more difficult to use than a conventional emulsion paint but can even be applied to damp substrates. Once cured you are left with a tough, non toxic, waterproof and easy to maintain finish.

Suitable Applications:

  • As a waterprrof membrane to prevent rising damp in floors.
  • As a general purpose waterproofing treatment and decorative finish for any brick, concrete,masonry and cement surface.
  • As a coating for damp surfaces where adhesion would be an issue for other coatings.
  • For sealing asbestos based materials.
  • For waterproofing basements and cellars
  • For sealing recently laid concrete floors to allow the rapid laying of flooring such as tiles or boards.
  • As a tank or bund lining for protection against mild chemicals
  • As a hard wearing floor coating for garages and workshops
  • As a primer for our Epoxy Floor Paint when a high quality finish is required.

Typical Areas of Use:

  • Basements and cellars
  • Food manufacturing and storage
  • Garages and workshops
  • Dairies, milking parlours and breweries
  • Abattoirs and fisheries


Approximately 6 - 7 m² per litre per coat. Coverage can vary significantly depending on the porosity and condition of the substrate.


Available from stock in clear, white, black and light grey. Other colours are available to order. Please see our Epoxy Floor Paint for a wider range of colours.


Available only as a two part product that when mixed and combined with cold water gives 5 litres.