Flag Yacht Varnish 1 Litre



Flag Yacht Varnish, available in Gloss and Satin, is a highly durable exterior varnish which is UV resistant and offers excellent reistance to the affects of weathering. This non-yellowing formulation is only suitable for use above the waterline.

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Flag Paint's Yacht Varnish is based on premium quality resins to give a tough and flexible finish. Available in gloss and satin finishes, not only is it suitable for marine applications but it is also ideal for external applications such as doors, window frames, furniture, floors or anywhere else where a tough and flexible gloss finish varnish is required. The varnish has good weathering and UV resistance with excellent coverage but is not suitable for applications below the waterline.

Key Product Features:

  • UV Resistant for Long Term External Use
  • High Quality Tough Finish
  • Extremely Durable and Flexible
  • Available in Satin and Gloss
  • Resistant to Cracking, Peeling and Blistering
  • Long Lasting Protection

Area of use:

Interior or Exterior


Satin or Gloss



Tin Sizes:

1 Litre and 2.5 litre

Technical Information:

  • Colour: Clear
  • Finish: Gloss and Satin
  • Volume Solids: 42%
  • Theoretical Coverage: 12 - 14 m² per litre
  • Dry to Touch: 1 - 2 hours (20°C)
  • Over-coating Time: 16 - 72 hours
  • Thinner:  White Spirit
  • Cleaning of Tools: White Spirit
  • Application Temperature: 5°C - 35°C (take care particularly on sunny days that the substrate isn't over 35°C)


The coverage for Yacht Varnish will depend on the nature of the substrate and the dry film thickness, so expect a coverage of approximately 10 - 12m² per litre per coat.

Surface Application:

When applying Flag's Yacht Varnish the surface should be stable, firm, dry and free of dust, sand, loose or flaking paint, grease or oil. Although the varnish will be dry to the touch after 1-2 hours the minimum overcoating time is 16 hours. When applying to bare wood we recommend diluting the first coat by 10% with white spirit, two coats are recommended although a single coat will be sufficient for refreshing an existing coating. Please make sure the tin is well stirred before use, failure to do so will affect the finish and longevity of the product.

For internal areas such as floors we also stock Flag Paint's Quick Drying Floor Varnish.

Area of Use - Interior or Exterior

Anti-Slip - No

Suitable for Doors - Yes

Suitable for Doors, Windows & Joinery - Yes

Suitable for Floors - Yes

  • Whats the difference between Yacht Varnish and Quick Drying Floor varnish?

    Yacht Varnish is designed to be used for external applications where it has to cope with UV light and the flexing of timber as it moves during the seasons. Therefore Yacht varnish contains UV inhibitors to prevent yellowing and remains slightly soft and flexible to cope with the expansion and contracting of timber during the seasons thereby preventing cracking, peeling or blistering. The Floor varnish is designed for internal use so is harder and more wear resistant than the Yacht Varnish.Yacht varnish is not suitable for high wear floor areas.

  • Whats the thinner for Flag Yacht Varnish?

    White spirit is the recommended thinner for Flag Yacht varnish and for the cleaning of tools after use.

  • Can I apply Yacht varnish thicker than the recommended coverage figures.

    No, if you apply yacht varnish too thickly and don't allow sufficient time for it to dry between coats you will end up with a soft spongy coating.

  • Can I apply Flag Yacht varnish to the hull of my boat?

    Flag Yacht Varnish is only suitable for applying above the waterline.