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Natural Creamy (Creamed) Beeswax 250ml Clear by Flag Paints




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Flag Paint's Natural Creamy (Creamed) Beeswax is designed to clean and polish wooden surfaces.
It is made to a traditional recipe and contains pure country beewax, turpentine and linseed oil mixture. It is ideal for cleaning and removing dirt and grime from bannisters, kitchen surfaces and wooden furniture. The natural beeswax will help to clean, revive and enrich the natural patina of the wood whilst generating a deep rich sheen and the distinctive traditional aroma.

Apply with a soft lint free cloth and work it along the grain then polish off immediately, the best results will be achieved by applying it to a small area at a time.

Approximately 8-10m² per litre

Technical Data:
Finish:                       Gloss
Volume Solids:          28%
Dry to Touch:            10-15 minutes (20°C)
Re-application time:  30 minutes minimum
Tin Size:                    250ml
Cleaning of Tools:     White spirit


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