Hiring Painters and Decorators for Anti Slip Paint Coating


In a busy commercial or industrial environment, slippery surfaces can present a huge risk to employees, customers and members of the public. As a business owner, it’s crucial to do everything you can to prevent accidents from happening in your workplace.

Anti slip paint coatings are essential for areas such as factory floors and exterior surfaces. Applied well, anti-slip paint can endure for years to come, ensuring a safe and attractive finish. To help you achieve the best results, we’ve got some tips on hiring specialist painters and decorators for the job.


Anti-Slip Paint Explained 

Whether you’ve got a bustling retail environment or a constantly-moving industrial space, anti-slip paint coatings are a smart way to prevent slips and skids, whilst protecting your flooring from wear and tear. Available in countless colours, these specialist paints are suitable for businesses in every sector.

Reinforced with additives such as rubber granules or finely crushed dolomite, anti slip paint gives your surfaces extra grip. Due to their extremely resilient nature, these paints are also resistant to oil, water and a range of chemicals.


Why Choose an Anti-Slip Specialist?

Painting and decorating can be incredibly time-consuming at the best of times. However, as anti-slip coating is thicker than traditional paints, the application process requires several stages. Depending on the nature of your workspace, you may have to apply two, three or even four coatings. Not to mention the time that goes into cleaning and preparing your surfaces before the anti-slip coating is applied.

A painter or decorator can take this task off your hands, carefully painting your floors with even coatings of anti-slip paint. They will have the equipment and expertise to do so efficiently, creating minimum mess whilst avoiding disruption to your operations. For example, they may be able to work out of hours, or complete areas of your premises in stages to prevent downtime.


Hiring a Painter or Decorator

When hiring a painter or decorator, make sure they have experience working with anti-slip paints in your industry. Specialist painting contractors will be able to recommend how many layers to apply and what ratios to use, as well as using the right tools to achieve a lasting finish.

To ensure that you’re happy with the final results, in a colour that matches your décor beforehand, so your painters and decorators can waste no time in getting started. Agree a schedule for each stage to completed that fits around your operations – reputable painters should be able to advise on how long surfaces should be left between stages, and when your floor will be trafficable.

Anti-slip paint coatings offer a safe, durable and attractive finish for commercial and industrial spaces. However, for an efficient and long-lasting application, it’s wise to invest in the services of a painter or decorator for this task. Don’t be afraid to ask potential contractors about their experience, and work with them to determine a timeframe that will minimise downtime for your business.

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