Osmo Top Oil Application & Maintenance Kit
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Surface Kit

The Osmo TopOil Application and Maintenance Kit (Surface) contains everything you need to apply and maintain your TopOil treated worktop all in a single box with detailed instructions.

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The Osmo TopOil Application and Maintenance (Surface) Kit is the easy way to apply and protect your wooden furniture, work surfaces and worktops with Osmo TopOil. Each kit contains:

  • A 500ml tin of TopOil in 3028 Clear Satin, 3037 White Satin, 3038 Terra Satin, 3039 Graphite Satin, 3058 Clear Matt, 3061 Acacia Satin or 3068 Natural Matt.
  • A 500ml container of Osmo interior Spray Cleaner
  • An Osmo Hand Pad holder
  • An Osmo application fleece
  • An abrasive pad
  • Detailed care and maintenance instructions


A 500ml tin of TopOil is sufficient for approximately 12m² with the recommended two coats.

Finishes Available:

  • 3028 Clear Satin
  • 3037 White Satin
  • 3038 Terra Satin
  • 3039 Graphite Satin
  • 3058 Clear Matt
  • 3061 Acacia Matt
  • 3068 Natural Matt

Brief Product Summary (Please see individual Product pages for more detail):

TopOil is a natural microporous finish which is extremely tough and hardwearing whilst being resistant to most kitchen stains such as wine, beer, fruit juices and water marks. It is food safe, extremely water and chemical resistant. We always advise getting a sachet first to carry out a test on a small area first to check it has the appearance you are looking for.

The Osmo Interior spray Cleaner is a ready to use cleaner which is ideal for the everyday maintenance and cleaning of oiled and waxed surfaces but is also ideal for varnished, stone, vinyl and PVC surfaces where the mild formulation which is free from solvents and VOC emissions is effective yet especially mild on the skin.

The Osmo Hand Pad and application fleece is an easy way to professionaly apply Osmo TopOil onto Worktops and furniture.

The abrasive pad is for de-nibbing surfaces between coats if required and light maintenance of your treated surface if required.

Please note:

  • Osmo TopOil is not suitable for oil rich hardwoods such as Teak, Mahogany, Iroko or Cedar, we recommend using Wood Wax Finish Extra thin instead, but as always a test should always be done first.
  • Osmo Wood Protector 4006 is recommended (not with 3068 Natural) for timber prone to dampness such as areas around sinks or taps, to ensure a consistent finish the entire area should be treated rather than just the area at risk
  • Multi purpose kitchen cleaners and washing up liquid should not be used on surfaces treated with TopOil or any other Osmo treated surface as they will damage and potentially mark the surface.

Area of Use - Interior only.

Suitable for Worktops & Tables - Yes

Suitable for Furniture - Yes

  • Is Osmo Top Oil safe to use on food preparation areas such as worktops?

    Osmo Top Oil or Worktop oil is made from a blend of natural plant oils and has been tested, once fully dry, according to EN 1186 Part 5/14 as food safe for wooden worktops and other wooden food preparation areas. Please note that Top Oil can take 2 - 3 weeks to fully cure. Osmo Top Oil has also been tested as suitable for children's toys. EN 71.3

  • What is Osmo Top Oil?

    Osmo Top Oil is a natural hardwax oil finish for wooden surfaces which is extremely tough and hard wearing. Unlike many other traditional finishes for wooden worktops liquid spillages will bead on the surface and can be simply wiped up without leaving any marks. The finish is even resistant to wine, beer, cola, coffee, tea, fruit juices, milk and water.