Osmo Care & Repair Paste for Polyx Oil



Osmo Care and Repair Paste, for surfaces treated with Osmo Polyx Oils, is the ideal way to repair minor surface damage in any interior wood surface that has been treated with Osmo Polyx oil. Easy to use and a very economic way to repair minor damage.



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Osmo Care and Repair Paste (Reparatur- und Pflegepaste in German), for Osmo Polyx Oil treated surfaces, is a clear combination of oil and wax designed for repairing small surface damage on all interior surfaces treated with Osmo Polyx Oil. As with all the Osmo Polyx range it is made from natural plant oils and waxes and as with normal polyx oils is resistant to wine, beer, coffee, tea, fruit juice, milk and even cola. Once dry the finish is safe for humans, animals and plants and has been tested as suitable for children's toys.

Recommended Areas of use:

Osmo Polyx Oil Care and Repair Paste is ideal for the quick and simple repair of surface damage in all wood surfaces that have been treated with Osmo Polyx Oil such as furniture, worktops, tables, wooden flooring, stairs etc.

Surface Preparation:

The surface must be clean and dry, use interior spray or wash and care if required and allow to dry. Small cracks or holes should be patched with Osmo wood filler.

Method of Application:

Apply with a lint free cloth such as the Osmo Easy Pad, apply thinly along the grain and allow to dry for approximately 8 - 10 hours with good ventilation. If necessary repeat the application for 2 - 3 times.


The 75g tube will cover up to 2 - 3 m² with a single application.


75g tube only.


3080 Clear Paste

Please note:

As with all oils the Osmo Polyx Oil Care and Repair paste will enhance the natural colour of the wood so if unsure a test should always be done first. If a higher level of sheen is required apply Osmo Liquid Wax cleaner once its completely dry. This should be applied thinly and then polished when dry.

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