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The Organowood system is a new eniromentaly friendly wood protection system which mimics the natural fossilisation process to give you flame and rot protection without the use of biocides or heavy metals. This eco friendly wood treatment is inspired by nature but with its simple two part system it is easy and simple to apply and maintain.

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Please note that these coverage figures can only ever be an approximate guide as coverage will vary depending on the age, finish & type of timber.



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Organowood rot and flame protection is the first part of the the Organowood next generation system and is designed to provide a barrier of silicon molecules and so give the wood protection against rot and fungus whilst also having the added advantage as a flame retardant. 01 Protection is the first component in the system and is composed of silicon minerals and natural plant compounds. It provides the surface treatment for absorbing wood and wooden products. Once applied the wood will retain its natural colour initially but then age and take on an even silvery grey patina over time. Please click here for the 02 Repellent.

Available in 1L, 5L and 10L (please note the 10L will come in 2 x 5L bottles).

Areas of use:

Organowood is suitable for softwoods, pressure treated softwoods, European hardwoods, (pressure treated & hardwoods must be weathered for a minimum of 12 weeks), MDF, plywood and masonite board. Typical locations are exterior timber cladding, decking, fencing, sheds and garden furniture. Please note that Organowood is not suitable for exotic oil rich timbers where it can not be absorbed.


A litre of the 01 Protection will cover approximately 8 - 10m² of smooth planed timber and 6 - 8m² of rough sawn timber. Please note that coverage can be significantly effected by the age, finish and type of timber.


Untreated wood should be cleaned with a suitable wood cleaning product such as Organowood 03 Organic Wood Cleaner. Wood that has previously been oiled or painted will need to be sanded back and allowed to weather if appropiate before application.

It should  be applied to dry timber at a minimum of 10°C when there is a low risk of rain, dew or frost during its drying period. The product can react with glass, therefore special care should be made to protect any glass from splashes or runs.

Apply along the grain of the wood using a brush or roller and allow to dry for 6-10 hours. Once dry it should be overcoated with Organowood 02 Repellent, please see its listing for further details.

Cleaning of equipment:

All equipment should be cleaned thoroughly with water.

Technical Information:

  • Physical form: Liquid, water
  • Minimum Application Temperature 10°C
  • Colour: Transparent, colorless pH: 10 - 11
  • Odor: Odorless Density: 1.2 - 1.4 g/ml
  • Dilution: Shall not be diluted
  • Storage and stability: Should be kept in closed containers in 15 - 30 °C. If stored properly, the product is stable for several months
  • Ingredients: Silicon compounds, organic catalysts Environment: Does not contain any substances classified as environmentally hazardous


Maintenance is an important part of any sustainable timber treatment. For the maintenance of treated timber please go to our listing for the Organowood 03 Cleaner.

For further technical information on Organowood 01 Protection please see the attached product information sheet.

Area of Use - Exterior only.

Anti-Slip - No

Suitable for Decking - Yes

Suitable for Furniture - Yes

Suitable for Cladding, Fencing & Garden Buildings - Yes

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Organowood 01 Protection

Product Information Sheet for OrganoWood Protection 01