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The Protectakote UVR bed/van lining kit is the easy way to apply a tough anti slip finish to your van or pick up. Protectakote is tough, flexible and easy to apply. The Protectakote kit includes everything you'll need including special rollers for painting corrugated load areas. For more information on Protectakote and Protectakote UVR please go to the individual product page for each product. The only suitable solvent for cleaning and dilution for Protectakote or Protectakote UVR is Xylene .

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With this simple to use roll on Protectakote UVR bed liner kit its now easy for anyone to have a tough anti-slip coating in their pick-up truck, van or 4x4 in only a few hours. If you are using this kit on a large vehicle you might need to buy an additional litre. The key advantages of using Protectakote UVR over the standard version are:

The kit contains everything you need to cover an area of up to 6 sq metres (60 sq feet) in tough and durable Protectakote. The Protectakote UVR bedliner kit is perfect for a typical pick-up truck bed or medium sized van. Single 1 litre tins are available for larger vans or pick-ups.

The kit includes:

  • 4 litre tin of Protectakote UVR
  • Detailed step by step instructions
  • 3" large diameter textured roller designed for painting the corrugated load area
  • Spare 3" textured refill for applying the second coat
  • 2 x paint brushes for getting in to corners etc.
  • A large abrasive pad for preparing the paint
  • 2 pairs of XL powder free Nitrile gloves
  • Safety goggles

Protectakote is tough, anti-slip, impact resistant and waterproof. The solvent for Protectakote is Xylene and if required will have to be ordered separately. CIF cream cleaner can be used for cleaning and Acetone can be used for preparation but cannot be used for diluting the paint.

Protectakote UVR is resistant to the effects of weathering and is suitable for external and even marine applications. Compared to standard Protectakote the UVR version has 4 main advantages:

  1. Protectakote is at least 50% stronger than standard Protectakote so is significantly harder wearing and tougher.
  2. Protectakote UVR has half the drying time of standard Protectakote making it quicker and easier to apply, particularly at lower temperatures.
  3. Protectakote UVR is available in a much larger range of colours including lighter colours which help to keep the inside of your van brighter and easier to work in.
  4. Protectakote UVR is very resistant to UV light so will last longer and fade less particularly in areas where it is exposed to direct sunlight or on open backed vans.

Please contact us if you require any further information.

*Nb. The images shown are only a guide to the colour, because the product is textured and because the settings of screens & printers can vary significantly please ask us for a swatch or apply a test patch where colour is critical.

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