Protectakote UVR

A tough, flexible and UVR resistant coating suitable for almost any application that requires a hard wearing and UV resistant coating.

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£ 30.95 inc VAT

£ 25.79 (VAT excl.)

  • Black - RAL 9005
  • Blue - RAL 5010
  • Medium Blue - RAL 5024
  • Green - RAL 6005
  • Olive Green - RAL 6013
  • Cream - RAL 1015
  • Light Grey - RAL 7047
  • Medium Grey - RAL 7046
  • Dark Grey - RAL 7012
  • Red - RAL 3020
  • Dark Red - RAL 3013
  • Safety Yellow - RAL 1023
  • Sand - RAL 1019
  • Nut Brown - RAL 8011
  • White - RAL 9016
  • Transparent
  • Orange - RAL 2004
*All Colours are a representation and may differ from the actual colour once applied.

Volume discounts

VariationQuantityPriceYou Save
4 Litres - Black - RAL 9005 4 or more £ 29.40 £ 6.19
4 Litres - Transparent 4 or more £ 29.40 £ 6.19
4 Litres - White - RAL 9016 4 or more £ 29.40 £ 6.19
4 Litres - Nut Brown - RAL 8011 4 or more £ 29.40 £ 6.19
4 Litres - Sand - RAL 1019 4 or more £ 29.40 £ 6.19
4 Litres - Safety Yellow - RAL 1023 4 or more £ 29.40 £ 6.19
4 Litres - Dark Red - RAL 3013 4 or more £ 29.40 £ 6.19
4 Litres - Red - RAL 3020 4 or more £ 29.40 £ 6.19
4 Litres - Dark Grey - RAL 7012 4 or more £ 29.40 £ 6.19
1 Litre - Dark Grey - RAL 7012 4 or more £ 29.40 £ 6.19
4 Litres - Medium Grey - RAL 7046 4 or more £ 29.40 £ 6.19
4 Litres - Light Grey - RAL 7047 4 or more £ 29.40 £ 6.19
4 Litres - Cream - RAL 1015 4 or more £ 29.40 £ 6.19
4 Litres - Olive Green - RAL 6013 4 or more £ 29.40 £ 6.19
4 Litres - Green - RAL 6005 4 or more £ 29.40 £ 6.19
4 Litres - Medium Blue - RAL 5024 4 or more £ 29.40 £ 6.19
4 Litres - Blue - RAL 5010 4 or more £ 29.40 £ 6.19
4 Litres - Orange - RAL 2004 4 or more £ 29.40 £ 6.19

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2 coat(s):

3 coat(s):

We recommend 2 coats for normal use and 3 coats for areas of high wear. These figures are designed only to be a guide as the condition and porosity of the substrate will effect the coverage

Protectakote UVR is a unique, moisture cured advanced formula Aliphatic polyurethane coating which uses rubber granules to give a tough and flexible anti slip (Nb. whilst often referred to as non-slip it is impossible to ever have a completely non-slip finish) finish that does not flake, chip or peel. With no mixing or blending of different components required, it can be easily applied to almost any surface including metal, concrete, wood, fibreglass, plastic and rubber leaving an attractive textured anti-slip finish that is resistant to weathering. Suitable for high wear applications Protectakote UVR can cope with vehicle traffic and long term external applications.

They key advantages of Protectakote UVR over standard Protectakote are:

  • Protectakote UVR has an approximately 50% higher tensile strength than standard Protectakote making it significantly harder wearing and longer lasting in high wear areas.
  • Protectakote has half the drying time of standard Protectakote making it quicker and easier to apply, particularly at lower temperatures.
  • Protectakote UVR is available in a much larger range of colours, including lighter colours which help to keep interiors brighter and easier to work in.
  • Protectakote UVR is very resistant to UV light so will last longer and fade slower particularly when in exposed areas such as boat decks, open backed pick up trucks or gunwhales.

A one litre tin will cover approximately 1.5 m²(15 sq feet) with the recommended two coats. For high wear areas we recommend applying 3 coats.

To get an even finish with Protectakote UVR it should be applied with a textured honeycomb roller these are available in our Protectakote rollers & brushes section, a brush can be used to stipple the paint in to corners and edges. We offer a large range of sizes to suit different applications.

Protectakote UVR version has all the same benefits as standard Protectakote but is 50% stronger, faster drying and has significantly greater resistance to dis-colouration and weathering. Whenever 

Quick Guide to applying Protectakote UVR - Please visit the website or contact us for more information. when applying to areas larger than 15 m² a test patch should be applied.
Painted Surfaces 
Sound painted surfaces should be lightly abraded to remove the gloss, clean with CIF household cream cleaner, rinsed and allowed to dry completely.  Please note we do not recommend applying Protectakote over Chlorinated rubber or water based acrylics. 
Ceramic Tiles, Marble, Terrazo, Glass
Surface should be thoroughly cleaned to remove any oils and waxes etc & rinsed thoroughly to leave a water break free surface. Protectakote Clear Primer Treatment should then be applied & overcoated after approx 1 hour. Xylene the thinners for Protectakote is also an excellent de-greasant.
Abrade to bright fresh metal and prime with Protectakote Clear Primer, Protectakote 2K, Duratop or for areas where there is no risk of water pooling Metcote, primer application should be completed within 30 minutes of abrading.

Galvanised steel
Scour with an alkaline detergent or pre-cleaner to remove all oil and create a water break free surface, lightly abrade and solvent wipe with Xylene and then prime within 3 hours of abrasion with a suitable etch primer such as Protectakote 2K for high wear applications or clear primer treatment.
New concrete should be minimum of 6-8 weeks old, surface should be clean & dry, first coat diluted 10% with Xylene. Concrete subject to rising damp or in high wear areas should be primed with Duraprime first. Smooth, shiny concrete (power floated) requires etching or abrading  first. Any crumbly surface layer will have to be removed first with a stiff broom and concrete etch cleaner.
Abrade the surface to remove all gloss, clean with CIF cream cleaner, rinse and allow to dry.
Well weathered fibreglass just needs cleaning.
Ferrous metal
Un-primed: Abrade the surface prior to painting, ensuring any loose rust is removed, surface should be cleaned with Xylene and allowed to dry prior to painting. We advise using a corrosion inhibiting primer like Flag QD Corrosion inhibiting primer.
Primed: Protectakote adheres well to primed metal such as red oxide.
Galvanised: Use Duratop or Protectakote Clear Primer Treatment prior to applying Protectakote. Follow instructions
Non ferrous metal
Follow Protectakote Clear Primer Treatment instructions prior to overpainting with Protecta-Kote.
Plastic (Not Polyethylene)
Lightly abrade the surface. Clean with Cif, rinse with clean water and allow to dry.
Abrade the surface, clean with Cif, rinse with clean water and allow to dry. Please note a trial should always be done first as the Xylene in the paint will attack the surface of the rubber.
Lightly abrade to fresh wood, clean with Xylene dampened cloth, allow to dry thoroughly. With treated  wood such as decking or exotic wood the first coat should be diluted by 10% with Xylene. Timber should not be sanded any finer than 120 grit and it should have a moisture content below 20%.
Marine Ply: Treat as Timber. Class 1 and 2 ply should be sealed with dilute PVA and allowed to dry completely before application, the dilute PVA should all soak in to the timber. Where a waterproof barrier is required Duraprime can be used.

For more information on Protectakote UVR please see the attached product information sheet.

*Nb. The images shown and RAL codes are only a guide to the colour, because the product is textured and because the settings of screens & printers can vary significantly please ask us for a swatch or apply a test patch where colour is critical.
  • Thinners Xylene
  • Area of Use Interior or Exterior
  • Anti-Slip Yes

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