Roofix 20/10 (Multi-Surface) 1 litre Black - Waterproof Coating



Roofix 20/10 (Multisurface) provides an instant waterproofing solution for repairing flat  roofs and guttering, with built in draylon fibres Roofix is ideal for anything from a leaking gutter to a large flat roof.

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1 coat(s):

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These figures are designed only as a guide, porous and rougher surfaces can require a second coat, but generally a single coat is sufficient. The additional amount required for a corrugated roof can vary significantly depending on the corrugations.




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Roofix 20/10 (Multisurface) or Roofix M was specifically developed by Flag Paints to provide instant waterproofing repairs for leaking roofs, uniquely Roofix can even be applied in the wet if required. Roofix 20/10 can be used to repair specific areas which are leaking or totally waterproof an entire roof. This product is multi-purpose and can be utilised on a wide variety of problem areas. Roofix is easy to apply for both amateurs and professionals. Roofix is a single pack elastomeric acrylic based (non bitumastic) compound that contains Draylon fibre reinforcement so provides excellent flexibility and durability together with exceptional adhesion to virtually any roofing material.

Areas of Use:

Roofix is suitable for exterior use only. It is ideal for flat and pitched roof, gutters, lead flashing, slates, asbestos, cement, primed and painted metal, asphalt, roofing felt, bay windows and porch areas. Please note however that Roofix is not suitable for regular foot traffic.

Suitable Substrates:

Roofix is suitable for most roofing materials but not rubber EPDM as the solvents within the product may attack the substrate and not fresh bitument or tar based substrates. If in doubt we advise carrying out a test first. All substrates should be clean and dry, areas prone to mould, lichens, mosses or algae should be treated with Asipo Algicidal Treatment which will kill spores and prevent germination happening under the coating, otherwise long term adhesion can be effected. In an emergency Roofix can be applied to a wet substrate but any pooling should be removed before application

Pack Sizes:

Roofix Multisurface is available in 1 litre (1.2 kg), 2.5 litre (3kg), 5 litres (6kg) and 20 litres (packed in 4 x 5 litres tins for safe and easy application)


Roofix is available in Black, Grey, White and Solar reflective silver (this version contains aluminium flakes to give a silvered reflective finish). The Solar reflective version is designed to reduce the solar temperature gain in buildings.

Product Features:

  • Designed for flat or gentle slopes only, it can be applied to steeper slopes but will need to be applied in multiple thin coats to avoid slumping.
  • External use ONLY
  • If applying to steeper pitched roods care must be taken to apply in multiple thin coats.
  • Easy to apply straight from the tin
  • Adheres well to most roofing materials, including Fibreglass, Felt etc (not recommended for rubber EPDM roofs or Polycarbonate).
  • Will bridge gaps of up to 6mm
  • Ideal for roof areas, gutters, lead flashing, slates, asbestos, cement, metal, asphalt, roofing felt, bay windows and porch areas (not suitable for regular foot traffic)
  • Can last in excess of 10 years.
  • No primer required in most situations. Fungi, algae, mould and lichens should be removed before application with Asipo Algicidal Treatment (see Asipo Algicidal Treatment).
  • Has built in reinforcement, Draylon fibres
  • Improves the strength and flexibility of existing roof
  • Can be walked on when dry
  • Quick and easy to apply
  • Self levelling properties
  • The Solar Reflective version helps to increase solar protection and reduce surface and internal temperatures


Coverage of 1 litre per m², porous surfaces might require an additional coat to be applied. Please allow an additional 20% for corrugated surfaces, see our coverage calculator above.


Method: Squeegee or spreader, soft brush, soft broom or trowel
Thinner: White spirit
Tool cleaning: White spirit

Technical Data:

Colours: Black, Grey, White and Solar Reflective (silvery metallic)
Finish: Semi gloss
Volume solids: 48%
Theoretical spreading rate: 1 litre per sq. metre
Flash point: 42°C
Specific gravity: 1.1 kg/litre
Application Temperature: +5°C – +40°C
Dry to touch: 16 hours (20°C)
Curing time: 2 - 3 days

*The theoretical spreading rate has been calculated for the stated volume solids and dry film thickness. A practical spreading rate will depend on the actual dry film thickness, the nature of the substrate, and the relevant consumption factor. The physical constants are subject to normal manufacturing tolerances.

Please refer to the Product Information sheet or Material Safety Data Sheet for further information. A copy of the product information sheet which contains more detailed application instructions will be sent out with every tin.

Area of Use - Exterior only.

  • How long will an open tin of Roofix last for?

    Providing no water has got in to the tin, the lid has been completely re-sealed and it is stored away from sources of heat, direct sunlight, frost and any extremes of temperature it should last 12 - 18 months.

  • Can I use Roofix for walkways?

    No, Roofix has to remain slightly soft and flexible so it can cope with the movement of a roof as it heats up and cools down.

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