Safekote Woven Velour Roller with Handle & Tray
  • Safekote Woven Velour Roller with Handle & Tray
  • 4" Safekote Woven Velour Roller
  • Safekote Woven Velour Roller
  • 1.75" Diameter 8mm Roller Cage



The simple and easy way to get a good finish and even distribution of the hollow silica spheres that give Safekote its unique non abrasive anti-slip finish.

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  • 4" Roller
  • 7" Roller
  • 9" Roller


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These rollers are ideal for applying Safekote onto smooth and lightly textured surfaces such as chequer plate. The woven velour pile (synthetic mohair) is fused to a Polypropylene core giving it an excellent pick up whilst the short fibres ensure a good even distribution of the hollow silica spheres.

They are available in 3 Sizes:
  • 4" Narrow diameter mini Rollers - Suitable for smaller areas
  • 7" x 1¾ diameter Rollers - Perfect for General Purpose Use
  • 9" x 1¾ diameter Rollers -  For larger areas.
All the products listed here are supplied as a complete roller, tray and frame, please see our other listing for additional refills. We recommend purchasing an additional refill when applying Safekote as it is a two coat system.

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