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Safekote Marine is a tough flexible anti slip coating (non slip) which uses uniformly sized silica spheres to give a low profile, non abrasive finish which is easy to clean & maintain. Safekote is UV resistant & suitable for many applications such as a boat/yacht deck or a walkway, ramp or flooring. Safekote is an aliphatic polyurethane in a similar formulation to market leading Protectakote UVR.

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SafeKote Marine is an anti-slip single-component polyurethane coating incorporating uniform silica beads that provide an attractive, low profile and slip-resistant surface for wet or dry walkways which is easy to clean and maintain. Its moisture-cure aliphatic polyurethane composition provides ease of application with an extremely abrasion and weather resistant film suitable for marine applications. SafeKote has an attractive, low gloss finish which is easy to clean.

SafeKote comes in attractive standard colours including transparent that will not fade or yellow from UV radiation, although safety colours and other colours are available on request.

When comparing it to Protectakote UVR, Safekote offers the following advantages:

  • Better coverage (3-4 square metres per litre with two coats)
  • Easier to apply and achieve a uniform finish
  • Lower profile finish that is easier to clean and maintain
  • Quicker drying

The key advantages of Protectakote UVR over Safekote are:

  • Impact resisting incorporation of rubber granules
  • Enhanced flexibility
  • More pronounced profile making it better for standing water
  • The higher profile makes it better at hiding surface imperfections.

Safekote Marine has been extensively tested and typical uses include:

  • To give areas such as kitchens an anti slip finish that is easy to clean regularly
  • When used in conjuntion with Protectakote clear primer can be used on ceramic tiles and other inorganic surfaces including glass and polished marble without a significant change to the appearance.
  • Boat decks including ocean going yachts as it will resist the effects of salt water and extreme weathering
  • Wooden decking where its greater coverage makes it more economic
  • Walkways
  • Nosings
  • Steps
  • Decking


Tough and weather resistant
Easy to apply, simply apply by brush or roller
Bonds to fibreglass, wood and many other surfaces without a primer
Can be overcoated or repaired
Resists diesel, petroleum and many solvents, good resistance to organic and inorganic acids
Abrasion resistant
Good inherent flexibility to allow for substrate movement
Fast drying and cure - trafficable after only 6 hours
Will not taint water or food once cured


The coverage for Safekote is approximately 3 - 4 m² per litre applied in two coats (approx. 6 - 8m² per litre if one coat) depending on porosity and texture of surface. For high wear areas or areas subject to vehicle traffic a minimum of three coats should be applied giving a coverage of 2 - 2.5 m² per litre.

Surface Preparation:

All substrates differ significantly, and so all new applications should be tested first. Surfaces should be in good condition, dry and free of oils, waxes or greases. Any loose and flaking paint or varnish must be removed. As SafeKote is a moisture cured product, all substrates must be dry before application of SafeKote and remain dry for at least 6 hours after application. Nb. The only primer suitable for using with clear Safekote is clear primer.

• Fibreglass: No primer required. Abrade well (nothing finer than a 90 - 120 grit) to remove gloss and solvent wipe using a clean cloth and Xylene.
• Timber: Ensure that any waxy or oily timber treatment products are removed and that the wood is dry before application (maximum moisture content of 20%). With treated or hardened timbers the first coat should be diluted by 10% with Xylene. Do not sand any fimer than 90 - 120 grit as this will adversely effect adhesion.
• Old gloss paints and varnish: Any loose or flaking paint will have to be removed. Abrade to remove all gloss. Solvent wipe with Xylene and a clean cloth.
• Mild Steel: To be free of mill scale, rust, grease and well abraded with 90 Grit or equivalent. An anti-corrosion primer such as Flag Paint's Anti Corrosion QD primer is strongly recommended.
• Galvanised steel: Scour with alkaline detergent or galvanised pre-cleaner to a water break free surface, prime with EP90, Protectakote 2K or Clear Primer. An anti-corrosion primer is recommended in marine environments.
• Aluminium: Abrade to fresh metal and prime with a 2K aluminium etch primer or Protectakote clear primer within 30 minutes.
• Concrete: Sound concrete that is not subject to damp and has a damp proof membrane can be applied by simply diluting the first coat by 10% with Xylene. Power-floated concrete will need to be etched or mechanically abraded, cleaned, thoroughly rinsed and allowed to dry completely first. If the concrete has a crumbly surface (laitance layer) that will need to be removed prior to coating. Any concrete without a damp-proof membrane or subject to rising damp will need to be primed with a water-based epoxy primer first e.g. Duraprime.
• Ceramic tiles: Should be primed with Protectakote Clear Primer Treatment.

SafeKote exhibits good adhesion to acrylic, epoxy and polyurethane primers. Please note water based acrylic primers such as Flag Rust Converter or Omnicote are not recommended for use with Safekote due to their relatively low film strength. When doing large areas or if there is any doubt we always recommend doing a test area first.

Application Method:

Apply using our recommended Mohair rollers, a gloss foam roller, standard short pile roller or brush (DO NOT USE TEXTURED ROLLERS). As with Protectakote, Safekote is moisture cured so must be kept away from moisture during application and for 6 - 8 hours (at 20°C) after.

The ONLY solvent that can be used with Safekote is Xylene, using equipment contaminated with other solvents or brush cleaners will prevent safekote from drying and curing. If the coating is allowed to become wet within 6 hours of application it will cause the paint to cure too fast weakening the coating and making it porous.

Please read the full instruction sheet included with any order prior to use.

*Please note that the colours displayed are meant only as a guide. Colours will be displayed differently on different computers and outputted differently on different printers.

Slip Resistance - Dry 69

Area of Use - Interior or Exterior

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