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Osmo Decking Oils are a quick and effective way of maintaining external decking and furniture. With a high pigment level (not the clear Teak oil) and excellent UV properties it is an excellent choice for garden decking & furniture. Always get a test sachet and do a small test before the main application.

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These figures are intended only as a guide and coverage can vary significantly depending on the age, condition and finish of the wood. Grooved decking can vary significantly in area depending on the frequency and depth of the grooves.






Osmo Decking Oils are designed to protect, maintain and beautify garden decking, furniture, wooden gates etc. Each one is especially made to match a variety of exotic hardwoods (including Teak, Bangkirai, Massarandua, Garapa, Koto, Iroko) as well as Oak and pressure treated wood such as Pine, Douglas Fir, Larch and Cedar. To see these products applied to a standard softwood decking go to our blog on decking.

Key Benefits of Osmo Decking Oil:

  • They produce a smooth satin-matt finish which is very water resistant, dirt repellent, easy to maintain and re-finish.
  • Osmo decking Oils have a high coverage and are easy to spread and apply, the microporous finish allows the wood to breathe and helps to regulate the moisture content so reducing swelling and shrinkage.
  • The microporous finish will not crack, flake or blister so for maintenance simply apply another coat and no sanding is required.
  • The surface is easy to maintain and is resistant against cleaning materials, wine, beer, soft drinks, coffee, tea, fruit juices etc.
  • Based on natural vegetable oils that penetrate deeply maintaining elasticity and preventing the wood from drying out.
  • To achieve an anti slip finish simply apply a coat of Osmo anti-slip decking oil over the top.
  • Osmo Decking oils do not contain biocides or preservatives
  • Osmo Natural Oil Woodstain can also be used for decking but is not as hard wearing as the decking oil, so should only ever be appled as a single coat and then over-coated with Osmo 430 Anti-slip decking oil.


On bare wood two coats are required (one coat if being overcoated with anti slip decking oil) and generally one coat is sufficient for maintenance.
1 litre = approx 16 - 20 m² with one coat on smooth wood
1 litre = approx 9 - 12 m² with two coats on smooth wood

Grooved decking, depending on the frequency and depth of the grooves will have a surface area typically 30-50% greater than smooth decking.

Rough or striated wood generally has a significantly lower coverage.
Osmo do not recommend cleaning decking with a power washer as this will damage the surface of the wood, open up the cell structure of the wood and lead to very significantly worse coverage.


5ml sachets, 125ml, 750ml and 2.5 litres


Wood surfaces must be clean, dry (max moisture content 20%) and frost free. Old non Osmo paints and varnishes must be removed first, old micro-porous treatments need only be cleaned or lightly sanded. We strongly recommend that jet washes are not used to clean decking as they will damage the surface of the wood and significantly reduce the coverage.
Exotic hardwoods such as Balau (Bangkirai) or Teak with a high oil content should be left to weather for 3 months(5 months in winter), this timespan can be shortened by wiping over with methylated spirit to degrease the surface prior to application.

If additional protection against blue stain, rot and mildew is required pre treat with Osmo WR Base coat 4001, particularly on rough sawn wood this will also improve the coverage of the decking oil.

Please Note:

  1. Exotic oil rich timbers including Cedar, Iroko, Mahogany, Teak etc must be left to weather for 12 weeks before application.
  2. Pressure treated softwood decking must also be left to weather for a minimum of 12 weeks before application.
  3. Douglas Fir and larch should be left for 6 weeks weathering before application.
  4. Osmo recommend that softwoods such as pine, spruce, douglas fir and Larch are pre treated with Osmo 4001 WR Base coat, when possible this should be done on all sides.
  5. Osmo products are not recommended for use with Green Oak or Idigbo.
  6. Using a high pressure jet wash to clean the surface will damage the wood surface and drammaticaly reduce the coverage of the product.

A full application sheet will be included with every order but please contact us if you have any questions.

*Please note that the colour shades displayed are a true likeness of the original when applied to the corresponding timber ie. the picture of Garapa shows Garapa decking oil applied to Garapa timber. However different output methods (screens & printers) will cause variation in colour. In addition the colour will vary with the wood depending on age, pre-treatment etc and therefore it is always advisable, particularly when being applied to standard softwood decking to always test on a small inconspicuous area first.

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Area of Use - Exterior only.

Suitable for Decking - Yes

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