Osmo End Grain Sealing Wax



Osmo End Grain Sealing Wax protects the end grain from the affects of weathering and cracking. Idea for decking or any other external structure where the end grain is exposed to the elements.


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Osmo End Grain Sealing Wax is a clear product designed especially for the sealing of the end grain of timber to protect against cracks and water ingress caused by weathering. It is absorbed into the timber where it helps to reduce swelling and shrinkage and reduce the leaking of natural wood extractives.

Key Product Benefits:

  • Protects the end grain from cracking and weathering
  • Reduces the amount of bleeding
  • High Weather resistance
  • Safe Humans, plants and pets once dry
  • Extremely water and dirt resistant
  • Minimises wood swelling and shrinkage
  • Microporous so should not crack, flake or peel
  • Suitable for interior or exterior use.

Suitable Areas of Use:

Osmo End Grain Sealing Wax is ideal for areas such as the end grains of decking, cladding, roof soffits etc. It is suitable for hard and soft woods including Bangkirai, Teak, Oak, Pine, Spruce, Larch etc. The final appearance is influenced significantly by the wood and its condition so we strongly recommend a trial application particularly for unfamiliar surfaces.


5m² per litre per coat. Coverage will depend significantly on the condition of the wood, these figures are smooth planed or sanded surfaces.


5735 Clear

Surface Preparation:

The surface must be clean, dry and frost free with a minimum moisture content of 20%. The minimum application temperature and temperature required for drying is 5°C but we would recommend not applying it below 10°C.

Application Method:

Use an Osmo Flat brush or brush suitable for wood oils, apply generously to the end grain. For optimal protection we recommend applying two coats.

Drying Time:

Approximately 3 - 4 hours at 23°C 50% rh. Lower temperatures or higher humidity will increase the drying time, good ventilation is required.

Please Note:

Only apply to the end grains, any overspills on other surfaces should be wiped away.

Area of Use - Interior or Exterior

Suitable for Decking - Yes

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