Osmo Polyx Oil Original 3032D Clear Satin 2.5 Litres



Osmo Polyx Oil 3032 Clear Satin is the original easy to apply hard wax oil. Made from natural oils and waxes to give a durable and hardwearing finish that enhances the appearance of wooden flooring and furniture. Easy to apply, it not only nourishes the wood but also helps to bring out the wood's grain and natural characteristics.

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Osmo Polyx Oil 3032 Clear Satin is part of the range of Clear Osmo Polyx Hardwax Oils, as well as satin it is available in 3062 Clear Matt3065 Clear Semi Matt and 3011 Clear Gloss. The range was developed from natural oils and waxes, to give the benefits of both wax and oil finishes whilst giving hardwearing and durable protection for wooden furniture and floors. When compared to most conventional finishes the natural vegetable oils and waxes give the wood a smooth surface finish with an even colouring. Osmo Polyx Oils are designed to enhance the wood's appearance whilst retaining the natural appearance of the wood's grain.

Please note that the final appearance is as much down to the natural appearance of the wood and it's condition as the oil used, so always carry out a small test patch before the main application.

Key Product Information:

No. of coats recommended: 2.

Application temperature: + 5°C to 35°C.

Drying time: 8 to 10 hrs.

Product Sizes:

Available in 5ml Sachet, 125ml Tester Pot, 750ml, 2.5 Litre, 10 Litres

The Key Benefits of Osmo Polyx Oil 3032 Clear Satin:

  • Extremely durable and hardwearing.
  • No sanding is generall necessary for spot repairs or future application.
  • Microporous, breathable finish that does not crack, blister, peel or flake.
  • Very water and dirt resistant. 
  • Resistant to common liquid spilages such as water, juice, tea, soda and wine. 
  • When dry finish is safe for humans, animals and plants. 
  • Saliva and water resistant, suitable for childrens toys.

Recommended use:

Osmo Polyx Oil 3032 Clear Satin is suitable for interior use only and is ideal for wooden floors, solid or plank wood, strip parquet, OSB or cork flooring. It is also highly recommended for wooden furniture and can be used on slate, terracotta and other natural non-glazed ceramic tiles. Always do a small test application before making the main application.


Osmo 3032 - Clear Satin


As stated previously always carry out a test area before doing the main application, when using the test sachets take care to gently squeeze the packet up and down several times for 30 - 45 seconds before opening it to ensure the contents are thoroughly mixed. All Osmo products must be thoroughly mixed before use, a quick shake or arbitary stir with a screwdriver is not sufficient.

Use an Osmo Flat brush, lint free cloth such as an Osmo EasyPad, floor brush, applicator fleece with appropiate holdermicrofibre roller or other suitable brush to apply Osmo Polyx oil. The oil should be applied thinly and evenly along the grain and spread out well, the key to a good quality finish is an even application with any surplus oil removed within 10 - 15 minutes.

At normal room temperature, ensuring there is good ventilation, allow approximately 8 -10 hours for the first coat to dry. Once dry apply the second coat once again thinly and evenly, although the surface will be dry in 8 -10 hours the surface will continue to harden for the following 7-10 days so any cleaning or high wear usage should be avoided during this initial period.


Wooden surfaces treated with Osmo Polyx oil are easy to maintain, most spills can simply be wiped up with a damp cloth. For regular cleaning we recommend using Osmo spray cleaner (8026) for small areas or add Osmo Wash and Care concentrate to water and clean the surface with a damp (not wet!) mop or Osmo Cleaning Kit. There is also an Osmo Spray Mop where the cleaning fluid is pre-mixed and easy to apply.

Use Osmo Liquid Wax Cleaner to remove tough stains, this also helps to clean and regenerate the surface at the same time, this also can be applied using the Osmo Cleaning Kit.

Minor surface scratches and damage can be repaired with Osmo Care & Repair Paste 3080.

Do not use aggressive cleaners or washing up liquid to clean surfaces treated with Osmo Polyx oil as they will remove the coating.

Do not use steam cleaners to clean floors treated with Polyx oil as it will permanently damage the coating.

Maintenance of Osmo Polyx Oil Treated Surfaces:

Regular damp mopping with Osmo Wash and Care will clean normal dirt build up on the floor or treated surface. Depending on the amount of dirt to be cleaned the Osmo Wash and Care should be diluted with water and damp mopped as recommended using the Osmo Cleaning Kit and Osmo Telescopic Handle or using the pre diluted Spray Fix Cartridges and the Osmo Spray Mop system. Worktops, furniture and other small areas can be cleaned with Osmo Interior spray Cleaner. The natural plant based oils found in these Osmo cleaning products also have a moisturising effect on the timber so contribute to the life of the coating.

For Periodical surface refreshing and intensive cleaning we recommend Osmo Liquid Wax Cleaner, this can be applied with the Osmo Cleaning Kit and Osmo Telescopic Handle or for intense spot cleaning use the White Osmo Superpads and either the Hand Pad Holder or Floor Jointed Pad Holder. Please note on white treated surfaces only the white version of Liquid Wax Cleaner should be used.

Maintenance and renewal of Polyx Oil. Over time heavily worn areas will require a maintenance coat to restore the original finish and appearance. No sanding back is normally required and a maintenance coat can be applied to clean surfaces as described above.

Please Note:

Like all oils, Osmo 3032 will enhance the natural tone of the wood and will give the wood an appearance similar to when its wet, so we always advise that a test area is required before the main application to ensure it is the appearance you are looking for. If you are looking for a more natural appearance with less pronounced grain please see Osmo 3044 Raw.

If you apply the product too generously and with insufficient ventilation it will lead to significant delays in drying.

For dark and naturally oil rich hardwoods (e.g. Mahogany, Teak, Iroko, Wenge, Merbau, Jatoba etc.) we recommend using Osmo Wood Wax Finish Clear Extra Thin 1101. A trial application is always recommended.

When applying to cork surfaces, because of their high absorbency please always ensure that the wood finish is applied especially thinly and allow for much longer drying times (at least 24 hours).

When apply Osmo Polyx oil to furniture interiors or drawers apply just a single coat using a lint free cloth.

Osmo Polyx Oil will take 2 - 3 weeks to fully cure and reach maximum strength.

If a higher gloss level is wanted wait until the Polyx oil is thoroughly dry and then apply a thin coat of Osmo Liquid Wax Cleaner and polish when dry.

For more information please see our product and MSDS sheets attached

Area of Use - Interior only.

Suitable for Worktops & Tables - Yes

Suitable for Doors - Yes

Suitable for Doors, Windows & Joinery - Yes

Suitable for Floors - Yes

Suitable for Furniture - Yes

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